Practical Tips For Choosing a Botswana Safari


Your visit to Africa would not be complete without a Botswana safari. The diverse wildlife – including endangered species – and varied landscapes ranging from wetlands to forests to savannahs are more than worth the trip. Known for having one of the biggest elephant populations in Africa, it’s no wonder indeed that Botswana is among the most popular tourist destinations ... Read More »

The Things You Need to Know If You Want to Travel Cairo!


Cairo is the largest city in Africa and the capital of Egypt. It’s a good place to travel for the people who want to Africa. Cairo is located in northern Egypt. The city is along the Nile River. There are many attractions. As a major tourist destination in the world it’s a good place to travel for the people who ... Read More »

Safety Tips For Travelers to South Africa


South Africa is a beautiful country to visit and one would never forget their holiday here. However, there is a normal crime rate here like every other country. Being a tourist city, South Africa does expose the visitors to some amount of dangers and the tourists should also make their own efforts to be safe and secure in a new ... Read More »

Travel Tips to Ethiopia – An Invaluable Guide For the First Time Travelers


Ethiopia is famous for its capital city and the highlands. The Ethiopian highlands are one of the major tourist attractions that help run a large number of tourism businesses like transport, accommodation and authentic African restaurants. The popular tourist destinations, which are also connected conveniently by air, include Arba Minch, Jijiga, Debre Markos and Gambela. The cities that form some ... Read More »